*Wanderlust – a strong desire to travel*

Now, I’m an avid pursuer and campaigner for travel.  I think everyone should do it if they are given the opportunity or make the opportunity happen.  Because of this obsession, because of this wanderlust, I watch the travel channel more than a person should.

For those who are like me and love anything travel, whether that be domestic or international, let me introduce you to my new favorite:  Travel Man.

The Show

Travel Man is a BBC Channel 4 special.  Granted this has been on since 2015, but it has 5 series with a total 22 episodes.  Now, here are 4 reasons you should be watching it:

4.  The Fast Pace

Because the show is built around a travel weekend, they do everything in quick time.  A 48 hour trip with the host and his travel companion allows the viewer to see so many things rather than just a chosen few.

3.  The Unique Factor

Hardly anything in the show is expected.  While the places that the host travels are popular and expected, the activities are the opposite.  For example, during the episode in Florence, we don’t spend 10 minutes out of the 30 looking at the Duomo.  Instead, we see an entire segment on truffle hunting.  Truffle hunting.  Who knew you could pay to do that activity in Florence, Italy?  I didn’t.

2.  The Companions

Most of the travel shows I have watched featured one single individual, i.e. Samantha Brown or Anthony Bourdain. They go to a foreign place show you the hotel and the surrounding area alone.  Not this show.  Travel Man takes comedians.  You get a twofer and a funny one at that.  Paul Rudd, Rebel Wilson, Lena Dunham – all of them and more, where can you go wrong?

1. The Host

I’ve saved the best for last.  The best feature of this show is the host: Richard Ayoade. The It Crowd and Gadget Man star make this idea work.  The fast pace, unique sights/activities, and comedian companions fit perfectly together because Ayoade is the host.  His dry and sometimes offbeat sense of humor makes it so enjoyable to watch that 30 minutes goes by in the blink of an eye.

Check it out on Youtube or the Travel Man website now!


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