For my second review, it’s time for something slightly romantic and gothic.  I’m no stranger to the reading of all things romantic (i.e. anything Jane Austen and Bronte sisters).  Unfortunately, you can only read those so many times before you make the extremely difficult decision to branch out and try something new.   In this case, that is brought to you in the form of Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.


Rebecca is much what you would expect from a late 1930’s novel.  Immediately, we are introduced to the young, shy, and naive girl who falls head over heels for the wealthy and brooding Maxim de Winter.  Upon marrying her and whisking her off to the picturesque Manderlay, our NAMELESS heroine of the novel finds every corner of his mansion haunted by his dead first wife, Rebecca.  Pair this with the devilish housekeeper Mrs. Danvers and you have a book full of ghostly intrigue and tragedy.


+ Beautiful description

+ Keeps the reader guessing

+ Unexpected twists


– Dislike of the main characters



All in all, I recommend this book purely on the standpoint that it is considered a romantic classic. It even says as much on the back cover.  If you are looking for a book with a Jane Eyre feel then this is definitely for you.  Still yet, rather than purchase it brand new or even on Kindle or Nook, I recommend to pick it up for a week at your local library.  In this case, that old book smell, weathering pages feel meshes perfectly.



If anyone has a love of old movies, this particular book was made into a film.  Made in 1940 and directed by Alfred Hitchcock, this version of Rebecca stars Laurence Olivier as lead Maxim de Winter and Joan Fontaine as our nameless lead female.


Happy Reading 🙂

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